Wild boar may not be the first thing one associates with Hawaii, but wildlife is as much a part of paradise as rainbows and big surf. The identity for Big Island Coffee Roasters, developed by two alumni of the School of Graphic Design alumni, fearlessly captures the lesser-known, untamed side of the islands.

Comprised of logo, website, packaging, mobile applications, business cards and more, the branding was created by Un-, a studio launched by Kathrin Blatter (BFA, 2006) and Andrew Johnson (BFA, 2007). Their effort has been widely praised, with notice from TheDieline.com, PackagingoftheWorld.com and Paperspecs.com.

Here’s a video about the project featuring Sabine Lenz, principal of Paperspecs.com: 

The muscular-but-mellow color palette is reminiscent of deep-roasted coffee beans. Soothing pastel blue, suggesting sunny skies and clear waters, provides contrast. Screened-back images of coffee plants appear on the packaging (subtly) and the website and business cards (decoratively). 

A set of illustrative icons appeals to coffee fans and emphasizes the coffee’s gourmet origins. 

The overall effect is balanced, yet bold, calling forth the rural side of Hawaii that enlivens the landscape outside tourist attractions. And as it turns out, the animal Blatter and Johnson selected to represent the brand was no random choice: Big Island Coffee’s farm is a “popular hangout” for wild boars. 

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