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Guests of Honor

Alexander Fury
Alexander Fury: fashion journalist, author and critic. He is the chief fashion correspondent of T: The New York Times Style Magazine and editor of AnOther magazine. He was awarded the inaugural Editorial Intelligence Award for Fashion Commentator of the Year in 2014, named one of InStyle magazine’s 20 most powerful people in fashion in 2015, and is a member of The Business of Fashion: BoF 500.
André Walker
André Walker: New York-based fashion designer who was discovered by Bill Cunningham, the youngest designer to show at New York Fashion Week at the age 15, and former creative consultant to Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones at LVMH. Noted as one of the ten best highlights of Paris Fashion Week, his collection retails at Dover Street Market, the multi-brand retailer created by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons.
Lutz Huelle
Lutz Huelle: Paris-based fashion designer who began his career working with Martin Margiela on the Artisanal and Knitwear Collections, launched his eponymous label in 2000, and has been a senior consultant at MaxMara Fashion Group since 2000, and at Brioni since 2017.

Meet The Student-Designers

Learn more about our talented student-designers and the inspiration behind their incredible collections.

Hanh Nguyen
Hanh Nguyen, BFA Fashion Design, was born and raised in Vietnam. She drew inspiration from two abstract artists—a minimalist and a maximalist for 2 seemingly opposite aesthetics. Nguyen used organic cotton in canvas, twill, and organdy inspired by Paul Kremer’s minimalist Color Field paintings. For her jewelry, she used heat to soften and shape straight acrylic rods into curvy designs, inspired by Trudy Benson maximalist paintings that bursts with color in large strokes and shapes.
Emily McCarty
Emily McCarty, BFA Textile Design, was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. In 2017, she was awarded the Academy of Art University Study Abroad Italy Printmaking Scholarship. McCarty drew inspiration for her print collection while listening to King Krule’s new album The Ooz. She wanted to “construct a visual ode to modern art, with a hint of satire.” The collection became a physical representation of how McCarty sees a theme of balance between harmony and chaos in the modern art world. She sought to emphasize an appreciation for composition within the messes that humans make, rather than seeing something that needs to be cleaned up.
Stefanie Jessica
Stefanie Jessica, BFA Fashion Design, is from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Her collection is inspired by anxiety, tailoring, and asymmetrical shapes. To underscore the concept of tailoring, she used wool, cotton, organza, and surprise—bubble wrap—to provide contrast. Past design work has been featured in Indonesian editions of Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, and Elle. In 2017, she was one of 20 students shortlisted out of 500 entries worldwide for Levi’s® X Arts Thread Design Competition, and participated in Joe’s Blackbook Competition.
Zixuan (Stella) Quan
Zixuan (Stella) Quan, BFA Fashion Design, was inspired by her home city of Xi'an in China. Home to the ancient Terracotta Warriors and starting point of the Silk Road—Quan captures the spirit of the creators of the Terracotta Warriors by combining historical armor with modern fashion. Her collection uses textured composite polyester, fleece, boll denim, double-sided knit, waterproof cotton, and neoprene—and features embroidered long dresses, fleece jackets with mesh-knit, and oversized coats.
Lulu Hui-Ju Tsai
Lulu Hui-Ju Tsai, BFA Knitwear Design, was born in YunNan, China and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. The inspiration behind her knitwear collection is the ‘concrete jungle’ of the financial district in New York City. Tsai used knitted cord to embroider mesh fabrics throughout the collection. She has interned at Mute by JL, a San Francisco-based company founded by Academy alumna Joanne Lu.
Felix Ryan
Felix Ryan, BFA Fashion Design, is from Jakarta, Indonesia where he developed a love for art and design. His collection is inspired by his personal sleeping patterns—nightmares, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations. Ryan’s silhouettes are influenced by the hallucination images seen during sleep paralysis, and showcase both masculine and feminine design elements. While pursuing his education, Felix interned under designer Christina Ruales in New York. He has received recognition from Joe’s Blackbook, Levi’s, and Old Navy.
Uchechi Anigbogu
Uchechi Anigbogu, BFA Fashion Design, is from Lagos, Nigeria, and grew up in San Diego, California. Her collection was inspired by the past, her grandmother, her African roots, and American style in the 1950s. The collection utilizes vibrant Ankara print fabrics that her grandmother had, as well as fabrics that were purchased on a recent trip back to Nigeria. Two of the featured prints are very popular in West African culture.
Jie Ren
Jie Ren, BFA Textile Design, is from China and grew up in Bejing before moving to San Francisco to study at the Academy. In addition to fashion, Ren’s educational background includes graphic design and interior design. His textile collaboration draws inspiration from an ‘East meets West’ cultural fusion and focuses on provocative shapes.
Zhouyi Li
Zhouyi Li, BFA Fashion Design, is from Jiangxi, China. For this collection, Li drew inspiration from Richard Serra’s sculptures. She used wool and cotton fabrics in black and gradient rust colors to build simple, clean 3D shapes that appear to be slicing through the body. The enhanced colors are digitally printed onto the wool fabric. Li worked at Haili Hu Design and Tailoring Studio in Shanghai, and Hengxin Garment Weaving Company in Nanchang, China.
Sam Shan
Sam Shan, BFA Fashion Design, grew up in the Shan Provence of Burma. His collection for children was inspired by the playful colors and shapes in the work of artist Paul Klee. To make each piece safe, he uses 100% natural fibers and eco-friendly dyes. For functional fun, he created the buttons and collars in geometric shapes with multiple pockets and patches. in 2014, President Elisa Stephens awarded Shan a full Presidential Scholarship.
Marisa Chentakul
Marisa Chentakul, BFA Textile Design, was born and raised in Bankok, Thailand. Chentakul has experience working in textiles for brands like Teaspoon Studio, Sarin Tgamol Textile Designs, and for Academy Alumna Maria Korovilas. Her aim was to challenge the textile side of childrenswear for this collection. She designed refined and unique repeats, and engineered prints with children’s ink stamping, playful images, and collages of daring colors and textures.
Jose Luis Guillen
Jose Luis Guillen, BFA Fashion Design (Menswear), was born in Puruándiro, Michoacán Mexico and grew up in Santa Cruz, California. Inspired by the gay subculture of pups (cub is to bear as pup is to wolf) and an 18th century shift in men’s clothing, Guillen’s collection empowers men and their feminine side. The collection features embroidered flowers with flossed and latex fringe, high neck collars and shirt dresses for men using custom wool, jacquard and lamb leather.
Jeannifer Tirtamarta
Jeannifer Tirtamarta, BFA Fashion Design, is from Jakarta, Indonesia. For her collection, Tirtamarta was inspired by the gritty streets of San Francisco—including construction sites. Continuous seam lines and the geometric shapes of her silhouettes reference the on-going building of structures around her. In addition to cotton canvas and denim, Tirtamarta uses recycled billboard tarp as the main material for her garments to showcase the abundant waste in the fashion industry.
Justin Ho
Justin Ho, BFA Fashion Design, was born in Ohio (U.S.A.) and raised in Chupei, Taiwan. His menswear collection was inspired by the crackled paint from artworks of Gerhard Richter, along with the images and texture of wasted wires. Ho desires to inspire an appreciation for modern art through his clothing that represents its inspiration. He translates classic menswear into minimalist contemporary design by combining tailored garments with oversized, draping silhouettes.
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee, BFA Fashion Design, grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to America after he finished military service. Lee’s collection reflects his nostalgia for his home country and memories of his family. Inspired by old family photographs Lee used stiff fabrics to create volume referencing Korean clothing and the clean lines of Korean architecture. Lee’s work was selected for the Exhibition of Visual Design at Seoul Design Olympiad Media Art Exhibition in 2009.
Minghan Xu
Minghan Xu, BFA Fashion Design, was born and raised in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China. She describes the inspiration of her collection as “…a story, a transition, where the globally recognized ‘Made in China’ label becomes the ‘Designed in China’ label.” Xu leaned on her multicultural background and appreciation for mixing things up to enhance her collection. She experimented with different kinds of fabrics, re-positioning garments and repurposing material to create new textures and patterns.
Brianna Toomer
Brianna Toomer, BFA Fashion Design, was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Inspired by the strength of women during WWII, her graduate collection “Nobody’s Housewife” examines the balance between masculinity and femininity through soft, sporty tailoring. It juxtaposes the silhouettes of women and men from that era and introduces an athletic twist with zippers replacing seam lines and exposed side seams with multi-layer bias binding.
Susan Zienty
Susan Zienty, BFA Fashion Design, was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Describing her collection as “Anti-dress” Zienty challenges the form while simultaneously working in harmony with the female body. Zienty used locally sourced fabrics from small businesses including washed silk, silk charmeuse, and viscose. In 2017, she was awarded the prestigious CFDA Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Award. Zienty’s professional experience includes internships with DKNY, G-III Apparel Group, Area NYC, and styling at INTERMIX.
McKaela Christenson
McKaela Christenson, BFA Knitwear Design, grew up in Baraboo. The inspiration for this collection is derived from gestures, body movement, and the fluidity of the human form, as well as the organic shapes of hand-formed pottery by dancer and artist Paulus Berensohn. Christenson implemented 3D knits, used as a holding technique to create volume and shape. She appreciates the sustainability of knitwear, and how garments are created through the shape of her design which is a zero-waste process.
Julie Eunju Kim
Julie Eunju Kim, BFA Knitwear Design, is originally from South Korea. Her collection is inspired by her favorite abstraction artist Paul Klee and his play with shapes and colors. The entire collection was created using fine Italian yarns to which Kim applied her own experimentation, as well as weaving methods and traditional knitting, to create distinctive silhouettes.
Denise Ramos
Denise Ramos, BFA Fashion Design, is a Bay Area native from Hayward, California. For this collaborative collection, Ramos showcased her traditional men’s tailoring techniques to create a strong silhouette based on the powerful female characters portrayed on HBO’s Game of Thrones. The textiles were designed to represent “the armor that a woman wears day-to-day while growing older beautifully and gracefully knowing that she does not need to look like a man in order to feel confident.”
Jorge Iglesias
Jorge Iglesias, BFA Textile Design, was born in Mexicali, Mexico and grew up in San Jose, California. He has worked with San Francisco-based designer Estrella Tadeo, Mexican-born menswear designer Bárbara Sánchez-Kane, and Peter Cassara Clothiers in Sunnyvale, California. He used gold leaf foil to apply pulled threads on repurposed denim for his textile designs.

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