Academy of Art University welcomes students from all around the world – in San Francisco and online! In fact, 36% of our current students hail from 115 countries worldwide, and attend the Academy in order to take advantage of our unique offerings. Online or onsite, our students near and far learn in a comprehensive and versatile learning environment from a faculty of working professionals. While your instructors, curricula, and opportunities born from attending the Academy will all be of the same great, creative caliber, as an international applicant you should note the following foreign-specific information for admission:


Language Requirements


You may submit your application for admission before taking the test. More information is available online for TOEFL and for IELTS. Our institutional code for TOEFL is 4207; we do not require these scores and do not have a minimum score requirement. However, you will be evaluated for English language proficiency upon arrival at Academy of Art University.

How to Apply

Applying is easy!

This is what you will need to apply as an international student:

Step 1: Complete your application

Apply Online


Download a hard copy


International Application Procedures

Step 2: Be sure to include all necessary fees and documents:

$150 Application Fee*

We accept:

  • Payment via Flywire. To begin the payment process, visit
  • Check or money order made payable to "Academy of Art University"
  • Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards

*The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


International Student Services Fee*

$300 for onsite students

*The international student services fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Official Transcripts

  • Official high school transcripts and diploma
  • College transcripts (if applicable) must show the classes/subjects, grades, credits, and number of hours completed for each class


Affidavit of Support

Applicants and sponsors must complete the Affidavit of Support Form


Official Bank Letter

  • A letter or certificate from your bank in English showing a minimum balance of $37,600 USD

*Financial aid is not available for international students, and students should not depend on employment in the United States for financial support while attending the Academy


Passport & Visa Documents

  • Photocopy of your valid passport
  • Transfer Evaluation Form for F-1 visa students
  • Photocopy of your I-20, I-94, or other visa document


Art Portfolio / Demo Reel

  • Undergraduate Applicants: An art portfolio is not required for admission, but it will help the admission process
  • Graduate Applicants: An art portfolio in your chosen discipline is required with detailed descriptions for all international graduate school applicants


Document Translation

If your transcripts are not in English, they must be translated and notarized. Some may also require an evaluation to determine US equivalency. Agencies that can help for a fee:
Babble-On (Translation only)
SpanTran (Translation and/or evaluation)
ERES (Required for M.ARCH, evaluation only)
WES (Evaluation only)

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar at

Step 3: Send your completed application to us

If you opt to apply via printed forms, please:

  • Mail your application to:

    Academy of Art University
    Attn: Office of the Registrar, International Admissions
    79 New Montgomery St.
    San Francisco, CA 94105

  • Or fax your application to:




International Scholarships are Available

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Important Housing Dates

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Housing Cost

Learn about the costs associated with on-campus housing in San Francisco.

International Admissions

Contact Us


Phone: 1-415-274-2208

Fax: 1-415-618-6278

Mailing Address:

Academy of Art University
Attn: Office of the Registrar, International Admissions
79 New Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

International Admissions FAQ

International Admissions FAQ

Do you offer EAP (English for Art Purposes) classes and support?

Yes. The Department of English for Art Purposes provides language support for non-native English speakers at Academy of Art University with a tailored program that integrates the study of art and language.

We are strongly committed to helping students succeed in their art and design classes while working to improve their English throughout their academic careers. International students can receive additional EAP support outside of class, in writing and speaking labs, at no extra cost.

Learn More About EAP

Will EAP credits apply toward to my degree?

No. EAP support, if needed, is intended to improve our students' ability to succeed in our art and design classes. We are the only art and design university that allows students to take EAP and art classes concurrently, meaning that students do not have to complete EAP classes before taking art classes.

What is your minimum TOEFL score requirement?

There is no minimum TOEFL requirement for international students because Academy of Art University offers EAP (English for Art Purposes) classes. The Academy invites international students to enroll immediately in art and design classes while learning English as a second language.

What is your minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) requirement?

There is no minimum GPA requirement. Academy of Art University maintains the tradition of an open admission policy. Your high school grades and SAT scores do not always measure your potential to be a successful artist or designer. Undergraduates are accepted with the commitment that they will apply themselves to learning the skills that will prepare them for a rewarding career in their chosen profession and industry.

Is a portfolio required for admission?

A portfolio is not required for undergraduate admission. We believe that aspiring artists and designers have the right to pursue their dreams with or without a portfolio. However, if you have a portfolio, we encourage you to submit it. Department directors may transfer or waive major/foundation classes in their individual departments based upon portfolio review.

A portfolio is required for graduate (MA, MFA, and M.Arch) admission.

Do you offer interviews?

Yes. An admissions interview is not required for admission into Academy of Art University. However, if you believe that an interview would help our admissions representatives better evaluate your strengths as a candidate, we encourage you to set up an interview by contacting the International Admissions Department.

Contact Us

I earned a Bachelor's degree from another institution; can I apply for a second bachelor's degree?

Yes. Our Second Degree program is designed for students who may have majored in a different subject, but would now like to pursue an education and career in art and design. Admission is guaranteed for Second Degree applicants.

Is there a separate application for International students?

Yes. International students must complete the International Undergraduate Application or International Graduate Application.

Apply Now

I am U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card holder); how do I apply?

The Domestic Admissions Department assists all U.S. Permanent Residents (Green Card holders). If you are interested in Undergraduate Admissions, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office; if you are interested in Graduate Admissions, contact the Graduate Admissions Office. You may call 1-800-544-ARTS to be transferred to the correct Admissions area for further assistance.

Will I be notified if my application has arrived? Will I be notified if something is missing from my application?

Yes. Your Admissions Representative will contact you as soon as we receive your application. You will be notified of any missing documents via phone or email.

What is a transcript?

A transcript is an official record provided by your secondary school or college/university that shows your academic performance during your attendance there, and provides information about your current academic status. The transcript may include grades in various subjects and/or results from internal or external examinations (e.g., GCSE, national examinations in your country, etc.).

Can I submit a photocopy of my transcript?

No. You must submit an official transcript.

Do you accept official transcripts and financial documents in a foreign language?

No. All documents must be in English, or have been officially translated.

Can I send photocopies of the bank letter and Affidavit of Support?

No. We require the original bank letter and Affidavit of Support.

Do you accept a digital signature for the Affidavit of Support?

No. We will not accept a digital signature.

What if I have question that is not answered here?

Please contact us to get all your questions answered – we are happy to help.

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Do international students and U.S. Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) pay more tuition?

No. All students at Academy of Art University pay the same tuition.

I am an international student: am I eligible for U.S. financial aid?

No. U.S. federal and state financial assistance is not available for international students.

What is the international community like at the Academy of Art University?

The international community is diverse, exciting, dynamic, and inspired by the various cultural influences and artistic communities of each student's native country.

How many clubs are there at the Academy of Art University?

There are more than 30 student clubs at the Academy. If you cannot find a club you would like to join, we encourage you to start one of your own.

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