"Academy of Art University is a good school because it starts you off in the foundations. As students we learn from the very bottom up. They teach us all of the elements we need to be artists first. I have enjoyed a lot of my professors from the Game Design department. They are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and some of them are downright awesome. Some of them are tough, but not unpleasant. And a couple are unpleasant and tough. I enjoy how at Academy of Art University getting that A-grade is super hard. No Bell-Curve here for you to lean on. You do the work and put in the effort, you get the grade you deserve..."

- Heather Elroy, School of Game Development

"There is no doubt that I left the Academy with tremendously improved skills, as well as a better sense of my own goals and strengths as an artist, and a better understanding of the industry. All of my instructors were extremely knowledgeable and talented, and offered tons of valuable advice and direction. Classes were small enough that you are always afforded attention and interaction with your instructor. My only criticism would be that it's very pricey, but I don't regret it at all. It has really helped push me to a new level."

- John Ledda, School of Illustration

"I am nearing completion of my second Master's degree through Academy of Art University. The courses and instructors have been first rate. In particular, Professors David Riffert and Steven Williams have displayed the professionalism, expertise and instruction necessary for me to succeed in a competitive field."

- Susan Ogilvie, School of Art History

"I just graduated with an MFA in Photography. I am an award winning photographer now and I learned 95% of what I know about photography from Academy of Art University. The program was rigorous and it prepared me for the photography world in several ways; the business side, the fine art side, and the teaching side. I am now comfortable going into each of these directions or maybe more than one at a time. I got a valuable education (100% online) that I would not have been able to attain in any other way because I am married with five children and a full time job. I am pleased to have graduated. There were times when I thought that I wouldn't be able to do so because of the academic rigor. Yes, the school is expensive. So are Ferraris. I'm sure there are artists at the Academy who are not talented and I hope they don't graduate with the same degree I earned. I don't begrudge the school nor the family for making money. That is capitalism. A single digit profit margin is less than the stock market will provide over time. I am a proud graduate and I will tell any prospective student what I have just written here. It is a great school if you work really hard for a long time and you are relentless in your pursuit of making great art."

- Matt Pailes, School of Photography

"Very Professional Instructors.
 Very Professional Instructors.
 Very Professional Instructors.
     Very Professional Instructors..."

- Cory Kanakis, School of Game Development