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EAP Support

Get help with vocabulary, reading, concepts, and much more.

EAP Classes

Take English for Art Purposes classes.

EAP Work Group

Improve your English through classes, online sessions and labs.

EAP Study Groups

Get support and make friends in our study groups.

Writing Lab

Improve your writing skills online or on-campus with our skilled writing instructors.

Speaking Lab

Develop your presentation, pronunciation, and conversational skills with our online and on-campus speaking labs.

Multimedia Lab

Use grammar software, listening activities, videos, and much more to improve your English skills in our multimedia lab.

Midpoint Review Lab

Strengthen all aspects of your graduate student Midpoint Review presentation.

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Can I get EAP help in my classes?
What is the best way to get EAP help?
How can you help if I do not have in-class EAP support?

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