Online Student Academic Support

Supporting both undergraduate and graduate students, Online Student Academic Support within A.R.C. supports online students in:

  • Online learning strategies
  • Time management and project planning
  • Improving grades
  • Communicating with instructors
  • Study skills

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Online Class Services

Online Class Tip Sheet

Download this PDF and get tips for succeeding in online coursework.

Online Class Video Tutorials

Learn how to navigate through your classes, participate in discussions, and upload your work.

Online Homework Help

ARC (Academy Resource Center) can help with Online Tutoring, Online Writing Lab, Language Support and Accessibility accommodations.

Online Language Support

Login to access personalized online language support.

ARC Workshops & Tutoring

Get both department and course-specific workshops as well as tutoring for special skills.

Online Writing Lab

Get writing help from English instructors online.


Classroom Services ensures equal access and opportunities for students with disabilities.

Other Resources for Online Learners

Find communities, resources, including software tutorials and libraries for your online coursework.

Frequently Asked Questions

What class materials will I need and where can I purchase them?

What kind of computer should I have?

Can I get a visa as an online student?

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