On-Campus Speaking Lab

Closed for Fall 2020

Please use the Online Speaking Lab for Fall 2020.

Online Speaking Lab

The Online Speaking Lab offers two types of appointments to develop your speaking skills:

  • Conversation groups–40 minutes, up to 3 students per appointment
  • Presentation practice–40 minutes, 1-on-1 appointment

The lab is open for both online and on-campus students to use. You will need a computer/smartphone (with a microphone and web camera) and headphones.

For more information about the Online Speaking Lab, go to: Online Speaking Lab Info

There are no drop-in appointments–you must make an appointment with an Online Speaking Lab Tutor.


Conversation Groups (50 minutes)

Practice informal and everyday English conversation with up to 5 other students and a tutor. Get more comfortable participating in spoken conversational English, and meet other English learners and friends. Groups meet Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Presentation Practice (50-100 minutes)

Practice giving presentations and get feedback from a tutor. Get help with vocabulary, organization, and more to present effectively and improve your delivery skills with eye contact, body language, volume, and pace.


Pronunciation Practice (50 minutes)

Practice pronouncing English sounds for clear and effective communication, and learn to monitor and correct your own pronunciation problems.