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Housing Costs

Housing Costs

Learn about the costs associated with on-campus housing in San Francisco.

Academic Year Housing Rates

Housing Rates

Summer 2024 Housing Rate Sheet
Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Housing Rate Sheet

Housing rates are based on the type of room and building a student selects, varying by the number of roommates a student has. Specific information regarding buildings/room types offered can be found here - Campus Housing Buildings.

If a student is paying for housing out of pocket, rent is due in full for the semester before a student moves into Campus Housing.

If a student plans to pay for housing with Financial Aid, the student must work directly with the Financial Aid Department to ensure the cost of housing will be covered. Financial Aid will then verify the student's coverage with the Department of Housing before the student may move into campus housing.

The cost for housing varies based on the type of room in which a student lives and whether or not he or she is required to have a meal plan.

There are three principle expenses associated with campus housing:

Housing Deposit: $500

When a student applies for housing, an initial deposit of $500 is due with the application. This $500 acts as a deposit and carries over all semesters the student remains in campus housing. Per the Housing License Agreement, $75 is deducted from each student's housing deposit each semester a student lives in housing for general building maintenance. Students are responsible for replenishing their housing deposit each semester so that the balance is always $500.

Additional cleaning charges, damages, conduct-related fines are also deducted from the Housing Deposit. Students do not need to pay a new deposit as long as they continue living in Campus Housing; they just need to replenish their deposit balance. For more information on Housing deductions and charges, please review the Housing License Agreement.

Meal Plan (If Applicable)

Meal plans are available and offered to students year-round. Meal plan rates for the 2024 - 2025 Academic year have yet to be established. The Housing Department will send an email notification to applicants once the rates are officially announced. Meal plans are required for all Fall & Spring residents living in the following buildings:

  • Clara Gil Stephens (620 Sutter St.)
  • International House (860 Sutter St.)

For more specific information on meal plan options and cost, please visit our Dining Services homepage.

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