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Housing Selection FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Housing Selection

What is Housing Selection?
Once a new applicant for campus housing has completed his or her housing application and has paid the $500.00 deposit the next step is to complete housing selection. The housing assignment is the actual building and room the student will live in.

How does continuing Student Housing Selection Work?
Continuing students currently living in campus housing may select their housing assignment for the next school year by participating in the General Room Selection process every April. Students will have the opportunity to remain in their current housing assignment or select a new space on campus.

Room Renewal – Select to stay within your current housing space for the next academic year

Building Renewal – Select to stay within your current building, but choose a new space for the next academic year

General Room Selection (GRS) – Select to move to another housing space on campus for the next academic year

Where do I go to complete my housing selection?
The student housing portal is accessible on all browsers through your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can access the portal for housing selection during your designated access time which will be sent to you prior to housing selection in early April.

To complete your online housing selection, please go directly to the Student Housing Portal.

You will need to sign in to the student housing portal using your general log in information with “


If you are having issues with your log-in information please contact Student Self-Service at 415-618-6500 for assistance.

For information on how to use select your housing space, visit the “How to Select Your Room” page on the main drop-down menu of the student portal.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
Students wishing to cancel their housing assignment for the upcoming academic year, must do so in writing by emailing the Department of Housing & Residence Life at with the following information:

- Full Name

- Student ID Number

- A statement requesting to cancel your upcoming housing assignment or application

*Please specify the year for which you would like to cancel your housing.

The following deadlines apply for students who wish to cancel their housing assignment or application:

Cancellation for Spring applicants: January 1st

Cancellation for Summer applicants: June 1st

Cancellation for Fall applicants: July 1st

Get to Know Campus Housing

Get to Know Campus Housing