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New Online Hub Coming Soon

New Online Hub Coming Soon

What is Happening?

Starting with Summer School this year we will have a new Online Hub. The features of our new Hub will make your life at the Academy of Art easier to navigate. Here you will be able to access all of your online and onsite classes, reach out to your advisors, register for classes, see your grades, and use Student Self Service. These are only a few of the powerful features the hub has to offer you.


All users will have access to the new Online Hub starting on May 20, 2022, so that you can be trained in time for summer school. The Summer semester will start on June 20, 2022, in the new Online Hub.

Old Learning Environment (LMS)

The LMS as we know it will be going away this Summer. If you have any stored content, such as assignments, projects, etc., please save a copy on your local machine or cloud storage ASAP as you will not have access moving forward.


In the new Online Hub, you will have access to Microsoft Outlook for your school email which will be located right on the User Home page. Clicking an email in that widget will take you to, where you can read and reply to emails. Unfortunately, personal email accounts will no longer be supported.

Classes App

The current Classes app will be removed from the app stores ahead of Summer. That app will be replaced with our new Online Hub app that has a brand-new look and feel and will take you right where you need to go.


Summer school students and faculty will be trained before the summer semester starts. Fall students and faculty will be trained before the Fall semester starts. Videos, tutorials, and how-tos will be available on-demand, to teach you how to use the hub. And if you have questions or forget something those resources will be available to you 24/7.

Onsite Class Schedule

In the Online Hub, you will be able to see your onsite class schedule and class locations in the Calendar.