About Knight Kash

Academy of Art University created the Knight Kash program to be the ultimate complement to your university experience. Your student ID can be used for dining on campus, but we realize that students and parents want more. So we partnered with your favorite off campus merchants to give you the ultimate flexibility, variety and value you deserve.

Use your Knight Kash account on and off campus and get more:

Spending Power
  • Accepted on and off campus
  • Special off campus discounts and promotions, when available
  • Flexibility to eat when and where you want
  • Unused account balances carry over
  • Easy to budget, track and add money
  • Allows for on and off campus usage
Convenience & Security
  • One card for everything you need
  • Your Academy student ID card does it all
  • Safer than cash or credit cards
  • Parent peace-of-mind

Please Note: If you received Knight Kash with your meal plan, any unused portion will be forfeited at the end of the Spring semester.

Participating Locations

Use your Knight Kash at all dining locations on campus and the following off-campus locations:

On-Campus Locations

Location Name Address City Phone
620 Café
620 Sutter St. San Francisco 415-447-2840
Café Dior 180 New Montgomery St. San Francisco 415-618-3752
Café Rodin 1055 Pine St. San Francisco 415-931-4719
I House Café
860 Sutter St. San Francisco 415-923-1445

Off-Campus Locations

Location Name Address City Phone
Bellissimo Pizza 920 Sutter St. San Francisco 415-885-4445
BITE 912 Sutter St. San Francisco 415-563-2483
Cesario's 601 Sutter St. San Francisco 415-441-9898
Piraat Pizza 696 Sutter St. San Francisco 415-593-7771
The Roastery 199 New Montgomery St. San Francisco 415-538-7999
Rock Japanese
614 Pine St.
San Francisco 415-399-0882
Subway 30 2nd St. San Francisco 415-348-1709
Subway 168 2nd St. San Francisco 415-348-8500
Sutter Fine Foods
988 Sutter St.
San Francisco 415-776-7079
Yogi Food Market 908 Sutter St. San Francisco 415-776-1447

Add Money

Add money or view your Knight Kash account online. Online deposits made with a major credit card will be available immediately for use. Deposits made with a checking or savings account will experience a 48 hour hold, as per banking policies.