Campus Café Locations:

  • I-House Café – 860 Sutter Street
  • 620 Café – 620 Sutter Street

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Fall & Spring Semesters

The meal plan options for Fall and Spring semesters offer a certain number of meals per week in the cafeteria, and a certain amount of Knight Kash. Knight Kash is money that can be used at restaurants and cafés located around Academy of Art University academic and housing buildings. Your meal plan and Knight Kash are loaded on your student ID card and both work like a debit card. The café will deduct a meal from your ID card each time you take a meal and restaurants that accept Knight Kash will deduct the dollar amount from your card each time you make a purchase.

  • Fall/Spring meal plan cost: $2,885
  • Summer meal plan cost: $1,399

Residents Living in Buildings With a Mandatory Meal Plan

Meal plans are mandatory in these buildings.

International House (860 Sutter St.)

Commodore (825 Sutter St.)

Howard Brodie (655 Sutter St.)

Clara Gil Stephens (620 Sutter St.)

For fall and spring the meal plan options for students living in a residence hall with a mandatory meal plan are as follows:

Meal Plan Type # of Meals per Week in Cafeteria Amount of Knight Kash for the Semester
Platinum 19 $100/semester
Gold 14 $250/semester
Silver 10 $350/semester
The different meal plan options we offer give you flexibility. If you prefer more ready-prepared meals and plan on dining off-campus infrequently the platinum meal plan will be your best option because you'll get all of the nineteen meals offered in the cafeteria (breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday) as well as $100 per semester in Knight Kash for coffee or snacks in between classes. If you prefer dining off-campus and only plan on eating in the cafeteria for perhaps breakfast or dinner the Silver meal plan is your best option for you because you'll have $350 in Knight Kash for the semester and ten meals per week in the cafeteria. For those students that want something in-between we offer the gold meal plan, with fourteen meals per week in the cafeteria and $250 in Knight Kash.

Residents Living in Buildings Without a Mandatory Meal Plan

Residents living in buildings which do not have a mandatory meal plan may sign up for any of the three meal plan options listed above. In addition to the Platinum, Gold, and Silver meal plans, students living in buildings that do not require a meal plan may also choose the Bronze meal plan. The Bronze meal plan costs $1,415 and gives a student five meals per week in the cafeterias and $50 per semester in Knight Kash. To sign up for the bronze meal plan please email us at with your full name, student ID number and the meal plan option you have selected.

Summer Semester

Students living on-campus for the summer semester are not required to have a meal plan. The summer meal plan offers nineteen meals per week in the cafeteria (breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday) and does not include Knight Kash. The cost for the summer meal plan is $1,399 for the semester.

Urban Knights Art Cafe

All Academy of Art University students with a student ID are welcome at the Urban Knights Art Café. The café is a great place to connect with friends, work on a project, or grab a coffee or something to eat.*

*Urban Knights Art Café is an independent café and separate from the meal plans.