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Online Education FAQs

Online Education FAQs

Get answers to your frequently asked questions below.

Can I earn a degree and/or certificate online?

Academy of Art University offers degrees and individual classes online for art and design students. Courses are highly focused, flexible and interactive. New online degrees and classes are added on a continuing basis, so please check the website each semester.

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Will I be able to interact with my classmates?

Students are able to interact with their classmates and instructors. Online classes encourage communication through discussion, video conferencing, multimedia feedback, and small class sizes. Students participate in flexible discussions allowing them to ask questions and receive constructive feedback.

Can I contact an instructor if I need help?

Instructors are accessible via email, phone, or through the online discussion forum.

Can I get academic or language help in my online classes?

Academic Support:

Academy of Art University's Online Academic Support team provides personalized assistance, guiding you to:

  • Manage your time effectively
  • Communicate with your instructors and classmates
  • Participate in discussions successfully

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Writing Support:

Students can email the Online Writing Lab (OWL) to receive feedback on their writing. The Online Writing Lab is available for all students enrolled in classes at Academy of Art University. Students can also use the Writing Lab on campus to work with a tutor in person.

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English Language Support

English language support is available to all online students and provides individual tutoring to international students at all levels and in all majors. English instructors are available in some online courses to answer questions.

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What are the online classes like, and how do I participate?

Similar to on-campus classes, your online classes have students, instructors, and advisors. Students communicate and ask questions using interactive online discussion forums, email, and phone, enabling them to upload images and work, as well as provide and receive feedback. Online classes are flexible and work with your schedule. Discussions, lectures, and assignments can all be reviewed online at any time. However, assignments do have specific deadlines.

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What class materials will I need and where will I purchase them?

Many classes require books and other materials. These should be ordered before your first day of class. Each class provides clear instructions listing any books and materials you will need to order, as well as how to order them.

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What are the prerequisites for each class? How do I know if I qualify?

Prerequisites are listed in the Academy of Art University catalog and class bulletins. For online programs, this information is also provided in the Class Search & Registration. For more information regarding prerequisites, please speak with your advisor.

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What is Online Student Academic Support?

Online Student Academic Support (OSAS) is the branch of the Academy Resource Center (ARC) devoted specifically to online students. We support all online students, both undergraduate and graduate, by either providing resources to the student directly or by helping the student connect with the appropriate department based on the student’s need. Our Online Academic Coaches are trained to specifically address the needs of online students.

How do I contact Online Student Academic Support?

The best way to contact OSAS is to login to the online learning system . From there click on the “Free Academic Help” button and quickly fill out the form noting what you specifically need help with. Once your form is submitted an online academic coach will be in touch with you to discuss your concerns. An alternate method is to directly email us at; you will have to note all relevant information yourself.

What can Online Student Academic Support help me with directly?

OSAS coaches can help you directly with time management, instructor communication, study skills, class navigation, and class acclimation. If you have needs other than those listed we may be able to help you directly but if we can’t we will be sure to get your needs addressed by the appropriate department.

I know I’m going to need support even before the semester starts. Can Online Student Academic Support help me?

Yes–if you are a first-time online student you will be enrolled in the Interactive Online Orientation (classes have an Academy designation) that usually runs a week before the start of the semester. Online academic coaches proactively help students before classes start to get acclimated and to answer questions. If you are not a first-time online student but know that you need help please contact us

What kind of computer should I have (Mac or PC)?

Most online classes can be completed on a Mac or PC. Some online classes require computer software that is only available on one or the other. These specific requirements can be found in the Class Search & Registration. Students should refer to the catalog prior to purchasing a new computer.

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Which Internet browser should I use?

Your computer must have Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari to participate in online classes. An up-to-date list of hardware and software requirements is available online.

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What are the system requirements for my computer?

A current list of the system requirements are available online.

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How much are tuition and fees?

For the latest information regarding tuition fees, please visit the Finances page.

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Can I get a visa as an online student?

International students attending online classes are not eligible for a visa.

What are your admissions requirements?

For a full list of admissions requirements, visit the How to Apply page.

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